Are you a beginner when it comes to knitting? If you are looking for the right knitting yarn for your new hobby, the best choice is a knitting wool.

Flexible and easy to use

Wool is a popular and the most recommended knitting material for people who are just starting out as knitters. It is because wool is naturally flexible and easy to use. While you are knitting, wool does not get torn or damaged easily.


Wool does not deform easily as well. So when you stretch a garment or tablecloth knitted with wool, it will go back to its original form right away. That is why wool is a hands-down choice as the material for outfits that need to be stretchable to fit such as gloves, hats, bonnets, and ear warmers.

Breathable and comfortable

In addition, wool is ideal for knitting garments for infants. Since wool is breathable, any garment knitted with wool keeps a baby cool and comfortable especially when the weather is hot.

Attractive textures and colors

Aside from its practical features, wool makes a great knitting yarn because it comes in a myriad of textures and colors.

Some precautions to observe when knitting wool

However, you must be cautious when using wool for knitting. Some people are sensitive to wool, and they develop allergies to dander and dust that stick to wool. So before you knit a sweater for your friend, be sure that he or she is not allergic to wool.

Wool is also prone to shrinking, which happens after you repeatedly wash a clothing knitted with wool. Thus, it is important to wash wool-knitted clothes with extra care. Hand washing them in cold or lukewarm water will keep them from shrinking. Avoid using a washing machine because it will cause clumping on the fabric. And when you use knitting wool, it is best to make a larger sized garment to make sure it will fit the person who is going to wear it.


Why Wool is a Great Knitting Yarn for Beginners

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