Finally, you’re getting near the end of your ambitious project – redecorating your home. You’ve painted the walls, chose the furniture, arranged the accessories… But, you still haven’t chosen the art for your walls.

wall muralsAlthough it may seem less important, having the right piece of art on your walls is sometimes a crucial element of your interior design. To get you informed on the latest trends, here are some top ideas for choosing a decoration for your walls.


Choosing the right size of wall pieces can make a huge impact on the overall design of your room. The rule of thumb for determining the size of a piece of art is that it should cover two-thirds or three-quarters of the wall size. Scaling is an important thing to know before you even choose the decoration for your wall.

If you want to decorate a big wall, you can go with a single large piece of art. Wall murals, for example, are an excellent choice for big walls. Not only they’ll give your room a consistency in design and texture but will also make a great centerpiece of the entire room. On the other hand, smaller walls require careful planning: you don’t want a piece that is too big, but you don’t want a piece that is too small, either.


When it comes to choosing a design for your wall decoration, different opinions can be heard. If you’re an art lover and have been collecting pieces of art for some time, you might want to use your instinct for decorating your walls. Otherwise, you might consult an interior designer or educate yourself on choosing wall decorations for your home.

Some basic rules of thumb for selecting a design for a wall decoration is going for consistency. In other words, you can choose a decoration based on a style or a particular author. If you, however, can’t afford authored pieces at this moment, you can find some great indie or arts & crafts pieces that can still look convincing.wall murals


Depending on the overall design of your room (the wall paint, the wall size, the positioning of the wall, etc.), you need to find an art piece that will upgrade the looks of the room. By choosing a different texture, you can achieve great visual effects within the chamber. Combining materials like wood and metal will emphasize the modern design of the room while playing with the acrylic or glass elements of wall decorations can make your room romantic and sensual.

This is the part when you can let your imagination go wild and choose some not so common combinations. Experiment with different patterns, colors, and materials. Try out combining pieces of art with other accessories and decorations. For example, a wooden ladder will complement a lovely medium sized painting with the similar motif.wall murals

Finally, you can rely on classic black and white pieces or even use photography as a piece of art. The important thing is to open your mind to the incredible world of art.

Top ideas for choosing a wall decoration
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