So, you bought a new electronic cutting machine for your DIY crafts. Now what can you do with it? Plenty!


Creating scrapbook layouts is just one of the many things you can do with a cutting machine. For instance, the photos from your latest trip abroad with your family or friends are best kept in a scrapbook with beautiful and intricate designs. Or you can create a scrapbook using the old photos from your grandma’s collection.

Wall art decors

You can make the look of your own room more appealing by decorating it with your desired themes and designs. The machine can be your dependable partner in that job. You can make your room a reflection of your personality by accentuating it with paper crafts that can be easily created using an electronic cutting machine.

Gift card holders

With an electronic cutting machine, you can also create gift card holders, which you can give out as presents during the holidays. This machine allows you to make a lot of personalized gift card holders in as fast as 30 minutes. For sure, each of your family and friends will be glad to receive a lovely gift card holder that you specially created.

Gift bags

You can also make gift bags quickly and easily using an electronic cutter because it can cut big shapes or designs. Gift bags are perfect presents for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions. You can even distribute them as bridal shower or baby shower favors. It’s also a good idea to surprise your loved one with a gift bag you created yourself.

Apparently, an electronic cutting machine offers limitless possibilities. This makes it a worthy investment for people who are into arts and crafts. With a little creativity and imagination, you can do a lot of paper crafting projects with this useful tool.

4 Creative Paper Crafting Ideas to Try Using an Electronic Cutting Machine

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